433MHz Telemetry Radio prevents Emlid GPS from achieving a GPS Lock

Hello and I hope all are well. I look forward to your advice on this topic.

I’m using /navio2 with latest Emlid distribution and Arduplane 3.7.

When I use my 915MHz, 100mw telemetry radio, the GPS gets a good lock typically with 10-18 satellites and hdops below 1.0 each time. I’m using the stock Emlid GPS antenna. The GPS antenna and the airborne telemetry radio unit are about 15 inches apart on the plane. The 915MHz, 100mw units limit my reliable telemetry range to about 300 feet - that is with the GCS-side unit up on a pole about six feet off of the ground.

To get more telemetry range I installed a 500mw, 433MHz telemetry radio having the label “Holybro” into the same plane in the same location as the 915MHz radio. However with the 433MHz radio the GPS never sees any satellites at all, even after ten minutes. On the bench I placed the GPS antenna and the 433MHz radio about 24 inches apart and the GPS was still unable to get any satellites.

I switched back to the 915MHz radio and the GPS came right back with many satellites.

Can you recommend a telemetry radio and or GPS antenna combination that are known to work well together and deliver telemetry range of 1,000 feet?



How about RFD900/RFD868 radios? Never heard any complaints about GPS interference with them.


I found a solution: For my 900MHz telemetry radios I purchased a pair of dipole antennas from Video Aerial Systems in Virginia USA (Alex Greve, aka IBCrazy). The more than double the range compared to the stock antennas and that works for me.

Thanks for a great system and for all of your hard work.



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