3rd-party survey software with Reach

Hello Ayas,

there is another thread on the forum about Survey Master, where it is all explained well.

There is also the android version that is still working ( the new one is not so never update and dont install from playstore)

Please check this thread and if you still need help, let me know, i will happily help you.

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There are allot of threads where Survey Master is discussed. Could you provide the one that you think is most relevant? Thanks!

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Thank you so much

can you send me the link of the forum about Survey Master pls

You can also LandStar - it’s stable with the RS2.

Here you go:

TB-RTK made a very nice overview and tutorial videos…I suggest to create a new thread if we want to continue the discussion about SVMaster…



Hi Ayas,

We haven’t tested RS2 with Survey Master yet. However, according to the thread shared by @kasanmascheff, they should work fine.

I can confirm that, with the older versions of SVmaster, it works.
I have not tested a lot of features but the CRS conversion for example works quite well.

Have a look at the TB-RTK post linked above…

I’ve tried the latest version of Survey Master, it works perfects on Xiaomi phones, in Samsung phones the bluetooth connection is unstable.


Samsung S5 and Samsung A20e works with Survey Master
Have heard SM has crashed on newer phones yes.


That is good news. Have you tried Samsung Tablets also?

No, I haven’t, only with differents models of Samsung phones and it crashes in those models. In my Xiaomi Mi 9T, I’m working with SM

The last SM that worked with RS2 does not work on a Samsung S20. Neither does the latest version.

Can you make step by step connectting base and rover rs2 with Sv master

You can only connect a rover and use NMEA.

To make a connection you can follow:


Base-rover configuration doesnt work with other hardware.
You can only use NMEA from Reach rover as stated above.


thank you for replay can you make video or step by step screen shoot pls if i have ia known base and i have two rs2 then how it work with survey master pls

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Hi everyone,

This thread was a long time ago, but since then we’ve added many improvements and features in our ReachView 3 app. I believe that some of them can be of help :slight_smile:

It supports base and rover Reach RS2 configuration, allows connecting not only Wi-Fi but via Bluetooth (more details are here), and support plenty coordinate systems and data formats (CSV, DXF, Shapefile).

Check it here, and don’t hesitate to create a new topic if any questions come up!

UPD: reworked wording