3g connection error

I am using my new RS2 as a warranty replacement and it is perfect. But something happened to me that I wanted to comment on in case it might have a solution.
I have a SIM card inserted for differential corrections through NTRIP.
After having been with the equipment for a while, it has stopped receiving corrections and goes into navigation mode, the coverage signal appears, but the 3G symbol is missing.
And if I look at the mobile data tab it appears as disabled without being able to turn it on. The only solution is to restart rs2 and it works again. Fortunately this does not happen frequently, in 12 hours of work in 2 days it has happened 3 times.

Hi Rafael,

May I ask you to send me the Full System report from the device in PM?
What’s the firmware version currently installed on the device?

I’ve already sent you the report. thanks

Hi Rafael,

Thanks! I’ve downloaded it.

I’ll write back once we have any additional questions or a conclusion on what may be wrong.

Good morning Tatiana.
a fact that may be interesting to track the problems: the SIM card is multi-operator

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Hi Rafael,

We’ve looked through the report and it seems this behavior indeed may be caused by the fact that this SIM card is multi-operator. We’re now looking into how we can fix it.

In the meantime, may I ask you to enable the Data Roaming on Reach RS2 and check if it resolves the issue? We have an assumption that it may help.

Thanks Tatiana.
I will activate roaming.
Have you read my last private message?


Just sent you a reply.

Please keep us posted on your tests.

Hi Rafa,

Have you had a chance to check if roaming activation helps to resolve the issue?

It seems to have improved. At least it hasn’t happened to me again.

Thanks for the info!

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