3g antennas dismission

Hello, in this moment in Italy one of the biggest mobile companies, Vodafone, is dismissing 3g repeaters/antennas, to free band for 5g (here’s the page of official announcement https://www.vodafone.it/portal/Privati/Per-il-Consumatore/Home/vodafone-informa?foo=boo&awc=9418_1602265629_c253e6f261e6991e37a2b8aa497ec4e8&ecmp=13_Affiliation_Zanox.it), planning to end the complete dismission in january 2021.
I do think that this will be in a while the same policy of all other companies, and not only in Italy…
As Reach Rs2 is using a 3,5g modem, how will we be receiving corrections in the very next future?

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Is 2G still around in your area?
Our 3G is also down for the most part. But 2G still works just fine

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Hi Alessandro,

As @TB_RTK mentioned above, the RS2 can still handle the RTCM3 corrections over 2G just fine.

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