3DR: use "Air" (UART/df13) for both Base and Rover

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due to an eBay shopping mishap (on the vendor’s side :wink: ), I got two 3DR sets, i.e. 2 x the “Ground” module with USB connector, and 2 x the “Air” module (with DF13 connector).
Would it be a good idea to try and connect both my Base and my Rover Reach modules to “Air” (df13) 3DR radio modules?
This would allow me to power both Reach modules from USB without having to fiddle with patching USB to df13.

All examples I have seen so far use the Reach kit with the “Air” module for one Reach and the “Ground” for the other, but perhaps that’s just because 3DR is usually sold as Air/Ground kit?

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yes, it can be done and it will work fine.

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Youu can doo it either way. I use the USB OTG cables for the 3dr and power the reach’s via df13.

It is even better to only use the “Air” modules when you got the Version 1 of those 3dr modules.

The “Ground” modules seem to be noisier than the “Air” units. So i bought another “Air” module and use it with an FTDI-adapter. At least for me it is true that the noise level is way lower now which results in extended range capabilities.

There is also a version 2 available which doesnt differ between “Air” and “Ground” … both are the same, and both got a micro-USB-port and a df13 port.

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