3DR Radios Best Settings/Troubleshooting

Hello guys,

I am struggling to get a fix via 3DR 433 MHZ Radios (not original).

First of all the radios that came to me, worked well via usb, but not with its 4 pin connector. After lot of searching, I landed to this forum post, and successfully managed to make these radios work via 4 pin.

I made my setup work (seeing gray bars), getting an instant fix and then float, instant fix then float… repeatedly.

Please help me with the correct RADIO settings (3drtool) these puppies need in order to work?!

I attach you below some photos of my setup:

Reach units have the stock/default settings in terms of RTK.








Why is your rover antenna lying down? Just in case, it should not be like that :slight_smile:
If you are getting corrections, your radios are configured correctly. Try to enable more satellite systems. From the base side - don’t send corrections at a rate, higher than 1 Hz(your age of differential seems higher than normal).

Haha It’s lying down in order to take photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Just few minutes ago, I managed to get a constant Fix (<1minute) and collect some points.

After of ~9h of testing, I tried many configs regarding the radio setup.

-Adjusting the # of channels creates problems.
-Disabling ECC and setting Mavlink to RawData, made the bars go crazy (not stable).Seems to me that ECCis useful!
-Lowering Max Window to 50 has a result of poor communication (Reachview in rover shows 6-0 satelites/single and - status repeatedly)
-Disabling Op Resend made no difference.

So I Loaded Default settings with Mavlink to—> RawData and Voila.

Constant fix with AR Ratio of 999.9,

These are my settings for now:

Anyone that have tried this modded firmware?

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