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I’m about to integrate Emilid Reach into a Pixhawk 1 3DR. I am in doubt about Pixhawk’s processing power. Does she support Emilid Reach? Is there a risk of resetting in flight due to processor overload?
Anyone using this set who can tell me?

Thank you very much.


@tatiana.andreeva can you help me?

Hi @Neodrone,

Do you want to use Reach M+ as a second GPS on a PixHawk?
Reach should work with PixHawk fine, please check ArduPilot integration guide for more details.

I’d also recommend you to supply Reach M+ separately, as it’s possible it won’t get enough power from PixHawk.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva!!

Thank you for your help! My use will be geotagg for accuracy of the images in surveying missions. There is no risk of overloading the Pixhawk processor?


For geotagging, you don’t need to connect Reach to PixHawk at all.

You just need to:

  • connect PixHawk to your camera to trigger it;
  • connect Reach M+ to camera hot-shoe to save events;
  • provide a power supply for Reach.

I’d recommend checking the article about PPK workflow for UAV mapping as well.


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Sorry for the delay. Okay, I’ll use it this way.

One last doubt, we will use the A6000 in a Believer, but I have a small UAV that I intend to use a Sony RX100 M2. Is the emilid hotshoe compatible with this camera?

Thank you

Sorry for confusing English. I’m using the translator!:lavado:

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Hi @Neodrone,

Reach M+ hot shoe adapter is standard. If this camera has a hot shoe, it should work with Reach M+ just fine.

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