3dr antenna cable configuration

Hello I got a 3dr antenna with compass and gps. I was wondering how to connect the gps and compass cables in the navio + if i am using a 3dr radio in the uart port.

@netxingnet May I ask you what is your motivation for using 3DR GPS and compass? Navio+ already has these features.

As Raspberry Pi only has one UART and you have radio connected to it external gps has to be connected over USB serial.

@igor.vereninov I have some bec cables almost laying down on the navio + board, and I’m assuming that these cables are making some kind of noise in the navio compass and gps, because every time i open the apm planner, it looks like the drone starts moving around its axis and i have to recalibrate it every time when i want to use it. So I was thinking about the 3dr antenna.

About the initial question, if i change the 3dr radio from uart port to usb port and i let available the uart for the antenna, there are some extra parameters to run the Quadcopte.elf or automatically will detect the compass and gps?


if you want to use the 3dr gps only, you have to use
-B /dev/ttyAMA0.
I am not sure about the compass. I had a few problems with the compass at first and to use an external compass, I had to edit a file before compiling.
Perhaps this changed in the meantime, but I am using the Navios compass now so I don’t know.

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