3D printed cases or enclosures?

Has anyone designed and/or 3D printed a case or enclosure for the reach module? Something like a small case that could maybe then be mounted in a small project box securely if not a mount built into an entire printed enclosure that could house all other components too?

Right now I just use a very small tupperware container covered in copper tape that houses the module, 3dr radio, a small voltage regulator, and a 850mah 3s battery.

Any solutions? I do not own any equipment or even wanna start learning how to print things haha. Just being honest. I’d rather buy a product from another hobbiest.

Please let me know…


Hey Dane, I came across this the other day.

Hi Dane,

You may want to have a look at: https://docs.emlid.com/reach/specs/
This page holds a few free 3D designs which you can print through 3D printing web portals in this way you outsource the whole process.


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Wow nice!

Now how do I got about contacting someone for the job?

Sorry, this type of stuff I’ve never dabbled in.

Hi Dane,

I have 3D printed this:

At the top is placed antenna with large ground plane, and then under it, inside the box is reach and external battery.

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