31.6 connection issues via hotspot

Hi All,
I have to admit that I thought the connection issues with my RS 2’s were solved. But I am back in the same ‘loop of death’ trying to get my units to connect to my android hotspot. I am running 31.6. I follow the instructions to the letter. Now even rebooting the units as per instructions. Has anyone else experiencing these old issues.?


Hi James,

  • Do I understand correctly that you can’t connect to the Android hotspot, i.e., the Network LED blinks blue and goes back to white?
  • Do you have another mobile device to test? Does the Reach device connect to another Wi-Fi network?

For testing purposes, let’s also try updating to the 32 Beta and check if you can connect afterward. In Settings, go to Firmware updates, tap Beta Updates, and enable Beta updates. You can always roll back to the stable version 31.8.

Please also check that you’re using the latest Emlid Flow version (10.4).

Hi Olesia,
I went back to a different android phone and the connection was instantaneos.? Without having to reboot the unit.! The phone that connects is running Android.14 and the one that is not is Android 13 if that makes sense.

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If there’s no issue with another Android device, it does look like an issue with this particular Android phone. We haven’t received any reports for the Android 13.

Is Battery optimization option off on your Android 13 device?

I’m having the same issue with a new rs3. I can connect to it’s hotspot, I want it to connect to my phone hotspot as that’s where the mobile data is.

Hi @Jubba,

I see you’ve created new thread and our users already helped with your issue. Let’s keep everything in that thread so all the details are in one place.