300Hz Servo Gimbal

Hi everyone. I’ve bought some servos to build a servo gimbal to my raspberry camera v2. Firstly, I’ve used servos TowerPro MG90S, wich I thinki works at 50Hz. To try to reduce shaking effect or servo movement, I’ve bought better servos (Hyperion Atlas Digital Servo HP-DS09-GMD) that works at 300Hz. I configured the parameters using MissionPlanner and everything is working for pitch and roll stabilisation, but I think it is still working at 50Hz, i.e., I’m not using the maximum resolution of the new servos (or I’m wrong?). So, is it possible to make these new servos work at their maximum resolution? Any knowledge about this will be very welcome. Thanks a lot!

I think the very new master ArduCopter code can do that. Try it out!

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