3 Word Coordinate System

Just in case Emlid wants to incorporate this coordinate system! HA!

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Business idea: Go in with them on a secondary ‘alias’ grid that overlays the original grid and allow people to get their own 3-word phrase added for $$$. It could be only one alias per square $1 / first come-first serve, or it could be $1 for the first, then $2 to override the first person’s 3 words with your own, etc, etc… That seems to me like it would be a literal gold mine waiting to be mined :laughing:


You’re such a smart fella @bide … like a race for land.


Well, people would want to do their house or the place they meet to go camping. Then there’s other people who would want to get political with it, and the business using their slogan keywords to help people find them.

Maybe they already have the plan and are waiting for more popularity - the bigger payoff?


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