3 questions for Reachview using RS2

  1. Trying to enter base coordinates as it is setting on a known point. The unit can get approx coordinates and the longitude is -39 degrees which is correct, however when I try to enter the Manual Location there is not a Minus sign on the buttons to use. How do I get a minus sign for the Longitude??
  2. I have versioin v2.20.7 Reachview shows me button to update while connected to the rs2 unit, it shows downloading and updating but then when I reboot it still shows that it has not updated.
  3. Offset vertical is 134mm for the L2/L5 Antennae, is the offset also 134mm for L1?

I had the same issue but circumvented it by going to a note-taking app, typing the correct value, then copy-pasting it in the coordinate field in ReachView.

There is not much antenna information, apparently the phase centers of L1 / L2 are the same. the distance from the base to the electrical center of the antenna is 134 mm

I have no problem putting the minus sign (-) in version 2.20.8 if the decimal symbol, but it must be due to the cell phone’s regional settings

installing the google keyboard app “Gboard”, I got the buttons to use it that way.

Hi @leebodces,

I’ve answered you in another thread:

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