3.5G cellular modems in Emlid equipment

Will any of the Emlid GNSS receivers soon have at least 4G cellular modems? 5G would be better. Not wanting to discourage anyone, but 3G service has been ended by large cellular service providers in the United States.

Thank you for any help.


I was talking to a USA AT&T engineer recently and he said 4G is pretty much out the door too already. They are really pushing 5G. He said 4G speeds and even 3G speeds are actually just fine for most, but the 5G helps AT&T much more so on their side. So they push it to help themselves but sell as if it benefits the consumer more… which it does, but more for themselves in the end.

I would assume a newer model RS2 would be in the works by now with this future proof capability among other things? (I.e. tilt compensation would really be awesome) Maybe RS2+? Given the current world conditions, probably delayed?

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What I don’t understand is how they are going to modulate frequencies. To be of any use in rural areas, the hardware will have to be able to cover a very wide band. Effectively, it should have the same capabilities as 3G/4G. 5G’s higher frequencies have a range of only a few hundred meters so I don’t understand why we’re hearing “3G/4G is going away”. Especially since bandwidth is also affected by distance to the nodes anyway. It makes no sense outside of dense urban areas.

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Undertstood. Just relaying what the guy said…was shocked also. : /

Guess could just move to Starlink anyways.

Starlink gets locked to an address/post code. You can’t move the unit, it’ll refuse to work (for now anyway).

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Sorry, I guess I meant Elon’s iPhone killer when it comes out. ; )

Hey guys,

Just wanted to relive this thread quickly. We’re following the process of the 3G network shutdown, and we understand the issue. The solution requires hardware changes. It’s not something we can provide to you quickly right now.

So RS2 will be working with 3.5G only. In areas where 2G networks exist, you can use its fallback to work. Its speed is enough for transmitting RTCM3 messages.

If that’s not possible, the way to provide RS2 with the Internet is through the external Wi-Fi connection. It can actually be the hotspot of your phone with shared mobile data.

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  1. Does this mean you will provide a hardware upgrade kit one day for existing RS2 we can apply ourselfs?
  2. Or do we need to send the RS2 to some place where you can do the hardware upgrade?
  3. Or are we required to purchase a next generation RS2? In this case would you provide a trade-in offer of some sort?
  4. Or … ?

Probably not.

Hi all,

Looks like I’ve misled you with my answer. Let me fix that.

There’s not much info I can give you at the moment. We know that this is an issue for our customers now, and we’re considering ways to work through it. Once there are any updates, we’ll post them, of course.

At the moment, you can continue working with RS2 as I’ve described before: either with the 2G fallback or with the external Wi-Fi connection. You can use the 4G LTE modem as well, as long as they are compatible with Linux devices.

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