Team Emlid,

Will there be a .deb file for retrieval of the latest 3.4rc1? Thought one was going to drop at the end of last week…


Yeah, sure. Sorry for the delay. I just got carried away with other stuff. We’ll release it tomorrow. Meanwhile you can compile from sources.

Thanks George I think that will benefit everyone that might be confused about building from sources.

By the way can you give a brief explanation as to what updates we should see opposed to the unstable version we’re currently using?

What about for the Navio+?

Any word on how much longer till this version is pushed?

Thanks guys!

Forgive the ignorance, but what is the recommended way to upgrade Arducopter? And if new versions are pushed does “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” take care of this, or wget the .deb and install?

Honestly I don’t know which way is best. I usually delete the previous version and install the new .deb and get update/upgrades for it.

There’s supposed to be… I suppose a stable version of 3.4 running around but so far they have wanted me to compile it from sources, but if it’s a finished product and cleans up all the issues people have had from 3.4 unstable why not post the new 3.4rc1?

Thank you for the clarification. My quad flies beautifully but I can’t leave it in poshold but for a minute and I start getting the compass and EKF errors, so I’m looking forward to the update.

Which version are you running now?

I would have to check when I get home? How would I tell, in MP? I’m fairly new to Linux and followed Emlid instructions here: https://docs.emlid.com/navio/Navio-APM/installation-and-running/

The other night I did “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” and re-did the compass calibration dance and my offsets were well below the 400 mark now so maybe something has changed? I haven’t flown again yet, work is crazy right now. Seems like MP said 3.4…

Guys, I wanted to release the debian package two days ago but some difficulties have come up. I’ll try to roll it out tomorrow. You don’t need to compile the sources by the way! You can get just the binaries?

I now try to binary and I could not.
I’ll wait until tomorrow.
Thank you.

I’ve accidently made my memory card unusable by scratching it while removing it and am having to start the program over from scratch. I just tried grabbing the .deb files and it’s locked up is team Emlid working on it right now? Is that why I cant retrieve it?


Hello there, guys!

I just pushed the newer packages for Navio+ and Navio 2 with Copter-3.4-rc1 on our servers.

I’m posting here a quick summary how to get things done. I’ll make a more elaborate write-up tomorrow.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will get you the latest ArduCopter beta for Navio 2.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install apm-navio-beta
will get you the latest ArduCopter beta for Navio+.

Happy testing!

Does the Ardupilot (APM Repository) have the compass fix? Just compiled and loaded Copter-3.4 from their repository and I am having compass variance errors, while the navio experimental beta version (on Emlid Repository) seems to be ok.


Same thing I experienced

I’m also getting pre arm inconsistent compass errors. I had been having this issue before in beta, so I had gone back to stable to resolve the issue. Now this issue is part of the general release?

For now I’ve disabled the secondary compass, and the pre arm inconsistent compass errors have gone away, but I would like to get this issue resolved so as to be able to use the board as it was intended. I mean, really, this board has been in general public release for six months now and we still don’t have a complete software solution yet?

Don’t get me wrong, up until today I was hella digging my Navio 2 flying my hexa, but now I’m not feeling quite as confident. I guess I’m just feeling a bit bummed that for the price that we payed for the Navio 2 & accessories, it seems that there should have been a complete software solution in place.

Hope that this all gets sorted soon, I want to get back to confident flying!

What kind of mag fields are you seeing?

It seems to work with emlid’s beta version of ardupilot, but its beta.


I had Autotune set up as one of my flight modes. I noticed on today’s flight that when I change to that flight mode on my RC Tx nothing happens.
I jumped on to Mission Planner after the flight and noticed that the Autotune was removed from my flight mode mapping and it is also no longer selectable in the dropdown to choose from.

Is this particular to the Navio Arducopter version?