2x Reach RS+ not charging/turning on

Hi all,
we have had two Reach RS+'s for about 2 years now and both are neither turning on nor seem to be wanting to charge.

  • Pressing the power button on both of them doesn’t do anything.
  • Connecting a charger makes the red LED flash once then nothing for a while. After an hour the red LED keeps flashing. When removed from the charger the devices still don’t respond.
  • We left them on the charger for 48 hours and still no change.
  • We have tested several different chargers all with enough Wattage - still no luck.

Does anyone have an idea of what else to try? Is there a reset button somewhere that’s hard to spot?


Hi @darellon,

Please, contact us via support@emlid.com with the following details:

  • Serial Numbers of the devices (you can find them under the bar code on the bottom)
  • Order date and number
  • Shipping address

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