2x M2 or 1x RS2 + 1x M2

Can anyone tell me if there a benefit to using a RS2 as base and M2 as rover compared to using a M2 base and M2 rover?

Muuch better integrated as a tool, waterproof, integrated battery, LoRa radio, built-in antenna etc

Easier to carry around rs2 as a rover. M2’s antenna, radio, battery, etc are separate components

RS2 is a simple system, self contained, where the M2 requires a separate power source, and an external Lora radio.

Technically, I have used both in both manners and not noticed any accuracy differences, just ease of use. I am making a base station station mount for my M2. It will be a solar charger for the battery pack supplying power to the M2 with the M2 connections and Lora radio enclosed. If I get it done I will post a picture.


I use M2 as base, and M2 as rover on a tractor. I like them very much, they perform extremely well.

RS2 is the perfect fit for surveying simplicity, base setup simplicity, and just ease of use.

M2 requires a lot more wired connections, but is tiny and a perfect fit to integrate into other custom systems.

All depends what you plan to use them for.

Hi Joe,

Both Reach RS2 and Reach M2 provide centimeter-accurate coordinates in RTK and PPK. However, Reach M2 doesn’t have a thread, so it can’t be easily attached to a tripod. You will also need to purchase the additional GNSS antenna and an external power source for the Reach M2.

Reach RS2 has the internal GNSS antenna and a built-in battery. The device is water- and dust-proof, so it has no dust ingress and could work in any weather. All connectors are completely sealed and protected from water and dust with silicone plugs. Besides, Reach RS2 is more durable since its body is made from polycarbonate, which is used in bulletproof glass. So, Reach RS2 may be more convenient to operate, especially for long-term measurements.

Thank you all for your wise comments, I am currently using a M+ as a rover with a home built antenna. which I must say no that I have got a workflow nailed down, I am really impressed with the results when I compare the data to similar measurements I have recorded with a total station.

This being said these are field measurements with a little bit of foliage cover, so good view of horizons (ideal conditions). what i am looking for now is a similar set up with the M2.

I may start with 2x M2 and then upgrade the kit with a RS2 later.

Thanks to all

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