$25 USD - If someone solve my problem ( Navio2 + Dronekit)

Ok I have a quadcopter frame with

  • Navio2
  • Raspberry pi
  • 4 motors connected on frame
  • Lipo battery (3s)

I have installed following on the RPi ( not on ground computer )

When I login RPi and I query mavproxy it can connect but cannot calibrate ( several errors ) and when i run through dronekit :

I am not using any telemetry because I am not transmitting anything to ground station , everything is on RPi (on board) , please ping me or send me email (freelancerjohnd at gmail) if you are interested helping me out, I do not mind paying more as I don`t expect free help, I need some pro who know this thing because lots of things are unclear in drone community.


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