2 sonars on Reach?

Is there any way to use two sonars with Reach?
Since, as I understand there will not be the ADC analog pads like the Navio+ has.
Maxbotix sensors can use i2c but that would only support one sensor.
The benefit of two sensors I’m hoping to use is to tell if an object is on the right or left and how to respond accordingly.

I2C supports multiple devices and the documentation tells you how to connect them.

I’m not aware of any examples with multiple sensors specific to APM on Linux, but there probably are some if you search around a bit.

Of course the addressing behaviour is important. With a quick read, it seems the devices reset to a “default address” so I guess after reading the full specification you would know how to program them.

Besides being able to change the address, it may use a “sub-address” method. I saw that when I was writing code for the Navio PWM & LED chip, which supports chaining and broadcast.

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