2 new RS2+ units: one connects, one does not


Setting up 2 new RS2+ units. Using an older iPhone with Emlid Flow app.

I can connect to unit 1 via the unit’s hotspot, allowing me to set it up to connect over Wifi network. That all works fine, exactly as described by the startup manual.

Unit 2 is available to connect as hotspot. I connect in my phone’s wifi settings. I refresh the list of receivers in Emlid Flow… there it is…. My phone screen flashes briefly some display that seems to be connecting, but immediately fails to connect and I receive this screen below:

No further ability to connect. Tapping red Exclamation point does not bring any info.


Hi Scott,

Welcome to our community!

You see this screen when the receiver requires a first setup. To proceed, please tap the Set up Reach button. If you need help with it, please let me know which step of this guide you face any difficulty.