2 m+, 1 LoRa, 2 gps antennas

Hello, I will use 2 rtk m+ (base, rover) for my drone where I use the navio 2 autopilot card. I bought emlid lora radio for this percent. Both m+ have GPS antennas, but I just want to send the correction from base to rover. I connected base e lora and selected lora as output, but rover doesn’t see my lora either.
Sorry if I asked an easy question, I’m new to this. Is it a simple mistake, what should I do for this data exchange? Thanks for the replies.

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Please specify how this issue appears. Is there any LED reaction on the rover module itself?

Do you see whether the module is connected in the LoRa tab? If it’s connected, does the app show some verbose messages like Waiting for corrections?

If both modules are configured correctly, please double-check that the same LoRa frequency is selected on both receivers.

The rover can connect to the wifi of the base device. In this way, I can see both in the application. I have 1 lora radio in my hand and my base device is connected. I can set the lora radio in the base output. However, there is no lora radio in my rover and it does not see lora in the base.

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What’s about LED reaction of LoRa modules itselves? Do they light up when you connect them to receivers?

Furthermore, do you have any other cables connecting the module and the receiver? Just to ensure if the one you use with the rover works properly.

the leds emit the base hotspot as it should and the rover depends on it.

Led status ;

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Thank you for the video!

The rover won’t receive corrections via LoRa if the LoRa module isn’t connected to it. You can establish an RTK link between base and rover only with two LoRa modules connected to both receivers. So, you need to attach the second LoRa module to the rover as well.

If you don’t want to purchase the second module and require RTK guidance with Reach, you can use a workaround. Reach supports RTK-enhanced coordinates output to Navio2. You can read our Ardupilot integration guide to learn more about it.

Do I understand correctly that if I connect base a 1 lora rover to 1 lora, I can communicate over loras? i will select base in base output and rover’s correction input lora and it will

Yes, exactly.

Thanks for your answers, I will try and order as soon as possible.

I bought my second lora radio .
Which option should I choose for the correction input and output for the exponent. what should i do for fix input and output for rover?

Hi @res,

The Correction input on the rover and the Base output on the base should be LoRa. Then, you can configure receivers as described in our Base and rover guide. It’s about Reach RS+, but don’t be misled by that: the process is the same, except for receivers’ placement.

Could you look here? 2 Lora Radio 2 M+ - #7 by res

Yes, I’ve just already replied to you. Let’s continue our conversation there to keep all the details in one thread.

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