2 emlid rs2 for sell

Hi all!
I have 2 emlid RS2 for sell.

A tripod
A bipod
2 poles

If you are looking for some units or know anyone let me know. Will post to eBay in a couple weeks

Insta: Anthony_lucero530
Email: anthonylucero1993@gmail.com

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Reason for selling?

How much

Hi all

Im currently out of the county and can’t send pictures until I get back home on 1/8/2023.

The units and poles are in good condition with normal field use.

  • 2x Emlid Reach RS2 - $3400
  • Tripod with pole. Attaches to a pole, quick release legs, red - $175 (New found here)
  • Bipod with pole- $150 (New found here)
    *one extra pole (free, needs a level)

I used the units to create ground control points for for a UAV mapping project for my local tribal rancheria.
I live in a rural northern California community and after multiple attempts to create a demand for high spatial resolution and accurate data, the community does not respond with much enthusiasm towards the work. Regardless of the amount of money I offer to save them by opting for me opposed to someone down south. Im ready to count my losses and sell the equipment to fund my next venture.

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Im open to any offers, these prices are negotiable! So let’s work a deal.

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