2 emlid rs2 for sell

Hi all!
I have 2 emlid RS2 for sell.

A tripod
A bipod
2 poles

If you are looking for some units or know anyone let me know. Will post to eBay in a couple weeks

Insta: Anthony_lucero530
Email: anthonylucero1993@gmail.com

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Reason for selling?

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How much

Hi all

Im currently out of the county and can’t send pictures until I get back home on 1/8/2023.

The units and poles are in good condition with normal field use.

  • 2x Emlid Reach RS2 - $3400
  • Tripod with pole. Attaches to a pole, quick release legs, red - $175 (New found here)
  • Bipod with pole- $150 (New found here)
    *one extra pole (free, needs a level)

I used the units to create ground control points for for a UAV mapping project for my local tribal rancheria.
I live in a rural northern California community and after multiple attempts to create a demand for high spatial resolution and accurate data, the community does not respond with much enthusiasm towards the work. Regardless of the amount of money I offer to save them by opting for me opposed to someone down south. Im ready to count my losses and sell the equipment to fund my next venture.

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Im open to any offers, these prices are negotiable! So let’s work a deal.

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Have you sold these units yet? I am very interested.

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That’s an interesting use-case. Are you a licensed surveyor? I wonder if part of the reason they’re not willing (or able) to use your services is that they require survey-type data to come from a state-licensed source. (This is required if the survey data is ever to be used in any kind of legal context, e.g. boundary disputes, perhaps to obtain or verify ongoing eligibility for state or federal grant money, etc.)

I’m not taking sides here, just curious whether this might be a, or the, sticking point in an otherwise-good business plan.

I myself am not a licensed surveyor. I only use my RS2 surveys for personal/in-house use, or occasionally for completely informal rough terrain maps to help some customers estimate ballpark project areas and costs.

Have you posted on eBay? If not, please post the URL to the eBay page when ready. Posting some photos here would help too.

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