2.7.3 Bug Report/ Feature Requests

I talked with tim today about this a little bit.

Im having problem aftert the latest update with the built in Hotspot on the Reach RS units. When I activate the hot spot in the reach view app the ReachView Fails to start. Sometimes I get nothing, other times i get the EMLID logo but it never fills blue. the only way ive gotten the hotspot to start correclty is buy making sure it doesnt have a wifi network to connect to and turn the unit on. Even then however the units hotspot will die after about 10-15 min of use. I was able to repliacte the problem over and over and on both my units. Right now im having to walk around with a USB battery and a probitable TP link wifi router in my pocket.

I’ve had a few things i think would be good to add in upcoming updates

  1. Have the unit fail safe to the hot spot. Right now if you have it connected to a hotspot and that hotspot dies you have to power down the unit and power it back on to get back to reachview.

  2. Have a favortie settings fuction in reach view that will configure the units quickly for known conditons. I was able to get a solid fix today at 4km at 18kbs but there will be some days when a slower data rate setup is needed. right now im writing it down in notepad on my phone so i can “quickly” set the units up.

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