14 hours observation, still 1m accuracy for PPP

Hi, I try to observe for more than 14 hours.
Than uploaded the *.obs file. I got 1m accuracy. Any body could give me an advice to get under 10cm?
full_output.zip (9.3 MB)

Hi @dicky,

It’s hard to understand what’s in the folder. Also, there’s no obs file in it.

Can you share your raw UBX log, please?

It’s a big files. Wait, I will upload in google drive.

Here is the link download

You will not get less than 10cm results in PPP due to L1 only receiver even with 24h or 48h or more logs so 1meter is normal for PPP.
What you could expect is VRS tutorial to obtain better position => GNSS Solution. Compute VRS with baseline up to 1000km and usage of 15min Rapid Static

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As mentioned above, the L1 nature of the Emlid products make the raw output unsuitable for PPP (as the PPP tech is currently). Use PPK instead.

Here you need to use a base and rover setup, or use a data from an NTRIP station, i.e. the EUREF network.

@Sylvain_POULAIN and @wizprod are right, it’s better to use PPK if you want under 10cm accuracy.
However, you’ve got a big and tight cloud of points in your log, maybe average point can suit your workflow needs.

Nice info. I will try it. Thank you.

I tried running your dataset with an MGEX station located in Kuala Lumpur. Gives me a float solution, due to the much exaggerated baseline of 450+ km ( it should preferably be under 10 km).
You should get your own base :slight_smile:

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