100% single solution only

Hi All,

Have just done my first flight since troubleshooting a faulty antenna cable.

When using Emlid studio i get 100% single solution. Is there some setting that i am missing?

Rover and base files attached below



You have no overlapping time between base and rover observation :wink:

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I started the logging of the base station, then went to fly mission, then returned to stop the log

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Header for base:
2022 5 5 6 49 47.0000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2022 5 5 6 50 1.0000000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

Header for Rover:
2022 5 5 7 3 9.0000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2022 5 5 7 22 34.8000000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

Hmm how odd, seems the base stopped recording when i closed the dialogue box

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Hi @Brocxen,

How is it going? I just wanted to chime in here. Indeed, your observations on the base don’t match the rover’s. Your base’s observations only last around a minute. So once your logs overlap, it will be possible to get the Fixed solution.

If you start the logging on the base but don’t have the logs in the end, please let us know. We will need to check the full system report from the unit to see what was going on, so please share it with us at support@emlid.com.

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