1-wire interface

Hi, I’ve developed an unmanned water surface vehicle which senses water temperarure .
I use Navio2 for control the vehicle.
I’d like to use a 1-wire interface water temperature sensor for sensing.
Raspberry Pi B+ has 1-wire interface pin but Navio2 only has I2C interface pin and UART interface pin.
How can we use 1-wire pin.
If you have any idea, please let me know !!

Hi Yasuyuki,

You can use the servo rail to connect the data wire and use GPIO to get the reading from the sensor the same way it is done with Raspberry.

Since servo rail is not powered directly by Navio2, you need to supply it with 5V and GND from, for instance, the UART port for testing. Then you’ll be able to connect the sensor in one place.

Also, don’t forget the pull-up resistor.

Thank you for reply!
I’ll try it!

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