0 Satellites Detected - QGC - Navio2 RPI3b

I am detecting 0 satellites in QGC all of a sudden. Up until today that number was always registering at least 8 or more. I am running Raspbian Buster os on Navio2 with Ardupilot firmware 4.0.4. I have the external Navio gps unit hooked up and sitting on top of ground place up on a mast above all components. I have tested that the ublox unit is indeed working via U-Center software where it picks up many. I did some temporary shielding of Pi Cam and it didnt’t seem to make any difference. What might be going on here? Everything else is setup in QGC except gps-lock issue holding back.

Hi Paul,

Just to confirm, do you see the location data when running GPS Example from Navio2 docs?

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