0 points imported

Emlid Flow version 8 on iOS, iPhone 13 pro max. So far the basic version of Flow; I am trying to test the functionality for other staff before reccomending we pay the subscription for the full version.

I am attmpting to import point shapefiles created in ArcGIS Pro. I have zipped the associated files into a folder that is placed on my iCloud drive. When I work through my project on EMlid Flow to import it flashes “0 points imported.” I have zipped files with only .shp, shx and .dbf files and have also tried including all the files that are created with the point file. The outcome is the same for a single point and for a multipoint shapefile.

The program did successfully upload a line shapefile that I created in ArcPro by snapping to two points. However, it rendered as the two points that I snapped to with no line. That file also included all file types associated with the shapefile, not just the snp, shx and dbf.

I’ve confimed that I’m using the same coordinate system between Flow and ArcPro.

I have read in other strings that a “name” column is required in the attribute table.

It’d be great to get some clarity on what is required to get points loaded onto a project, or what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

Hi Alexander,

Please send your shapefiles to support@emlid.com or share them via PM. I’ll try to reproduce it and will check what prevents them from proper importing.