Wrong date / time when SSH into reach

When I connect to the reach using ssh and call the date function i.e.

(already inside the reach)
root@EmRtkGps3[~]# date
Mon Jan 30 17:38:51 UTC 2017

I am getting a wrong date and time from 2017. Sometimes the command works properly and I get the correct time from 2018. Does anyone know what is the cause of this issue and if the linux os inside reach supports getting the correct date / time?

Sometime after I SSH and wait for a minute the date command starts giving me the right time.

Reach does not have a real time clock. It gets correct time from one of two sources:

  1. GPS time (needs satellite reception)
  2. NTP time (needs network access and access to a network time server)

So, until one of those two times become available, the time will be wrong.

You are able to SSH in way before the time syncs with the NTP servers. You can follow the LEDs for more info.

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So when the gps corrects the time after a minute or 2 that is due to the GPS time right and not ntp? Because I had it in hotspot mode and I dont see how it can get internet access.

If you have a coordinate displayed in ReachView, then GPS time is available.

However, NTP doesn’t require internet access. NTP only requires access to an NTP server. It could be your phone or tablet or laptop. So if there was a device connected to Reach hotspot when it’s time got updated, then it’s really hard to say whether the time was updated from NTP or GPS. One would have to investigate further or ask Egor.

Nope, this is not the situation exactly.

To work normally, Reach needs its time synced. There are two ways: GPS and NTP. During startup Reach just waits for the first one of them to be available.

NTP usually takes 15-20 seconds after getting a working Internet connection. GPS about 30 seconds after plugging an antenna, if outside.

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