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WINGED RPAS - RO1/3Dmapping/PPK ready !WORK LOG!


Sorry no. Not without some kind of hardware hack.

But i am working on something different

Apply a time offset for timestamp on Reach. Experimental

If you love your camera, look away now and stop reading, this is not for the fainted one :grimacing:

To make a short story long. I hooked up wires to the shutter curtain motor and triggers time mark on reach, just about the same time picture is taken.
I hope the delay/offset is negligible, need to run test to verify this but should not be more then few miliseconds off… i guess.


How many screws and springs were left over after the camera was reassembled?

(Sylvain Poulain) #25

It should work perfectly ! May be you have to clean your sensor now :wink:


One screw left :sweat_smile:
And next time, its gonna be one more :grimacing:

You know, . A litle part of my photography heart was crying when i started drilling through the bottom case, bits and pieces were flying…:cry: (and the rest of the heart was singing: Hey shorty!, its your birthday.…)

(Sylvain Poulain) #27

Sadly one more year, good research. Somethings need to be removed from internet :-/
I think you could find another cheap second hand samsung :wink: My nx1100 died last year but without need of crying :slight_smile:


Yeah, they go cheap one bay. And those with faulty top wheel is an easy fix.
I have one more nx100 to use, i just bought cause it had the nice 30mm prime in the package.


Gotta love Lego.
Looks like crap but then nobodys going to steal it :nerd_face:

Total mass with all parts and two 2.2amp lipo. Only 1900g

(Johannes Eberenz) #30

Hi @TB_RTK … any news on this great project?
I was looking into WebODM and find they have no support for PPK/RTK data of the camera position :frowning:
Seems only way is GCPs


Hi, the plane has been grounded due to lack of presence of the pilot. He is stuck painting his real life house :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
But i plan to fly and test it as soon as my real life lets me.
With gcp and webodm i can live with few check points for the pricetag of free. And its a ongoing progress with the odm, so i hope they release a ppk feature in the future. I am in no hurry at the moment.




Haha yea, i`am the ninja painter :sweat_smile:

(Simon Allen) #34

Webodm does support accurate position in the exifheaders it just doesn’t treat it any more specially than stock position. If you combine a precise position in the header with a good camera calibration then the results are good.
So to be clear you use exiftool to insert he precise position into the image exif headers befor you run through webodm or odm and run dakota benjamin’s undistort script before you put it through webodm.


Thanks for the clarification, i thought i read something similar but i wasnt there yet. Awesome

(Johannes Eberenz) #36

@Simon_Allen thanks a lot… looking forward to first results :grinning:


Winter is here , no flying for another 2 or 3 months.

But those guys over in ODM need more work. Please let them know about your wishes.

Also i have a question too.
For the most accurate DEM (the elevation part), at what angle should the camera be pointing?