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Wifibroadcast - low budget analog-like HD transmission with OSD

(Fadilrosli) #41

Hi David,

Are you the same davidgp in that thread? I’m following that thread too. Cant wait for your final image. :smile:

(Corrado Steri) #42

1.5 seconds is fine. What range do you expect with a 720 stream and full 2 way comunication (between aircraft and mission planner)?


(Brayam Fabián Ruiz) #43

Hi friends, i am testing to recompile frsky_omx_osd but when typing sudo make for compile the MAKEFILE show error some idea for that reason?

i need custom the name and position on render.c please help!

(David Posea) #44

sudo su
chmod 777 /tmp,

Rodizio makes the file sysem read only, the above commands will fix that, then update /etc/fstab and /.boot/cmdline.txt to make them read write.

(David Posea) #45

I finallly have a recomipiled kernel with all the wifibroadcast patches installed. For some reason latency is at least 30 secs with everything on my bench. There must be some real time kernel tricks I\m missing. Looking into those now. I’m looking the the Arduplane changes made for rt as a start.

(Yannis) #47

Just an update: I’ve tested the new EMLID image with Wifibroadcast as per the instructions here, and it seems to be working fine, without any lag. Field test pending…


I have tested wifibroadcast successfully on two Raspberry Pis. I want to try it with the Emlid/Navio2/Pi as the transmitter and on the receiver side a Pi with the standard Raspian image.

Is this possible?

Can the wifiboradcast link convey the Arducopter telemetry from the Navio2 to the Mission Planner GCS?



(Mikhail) #49

@flyingw it is possible to use our images with standard wifibroadcast images, but not with standard Raspbian - it does not have the necessary patches. There’s no ready to use method for transferring telemetry at the moment.


Ok thanks Mikhail. Be well, Paul

(Western Mark) #51

TP-LINK WN722N. Just be sure you get the Version 1 (they say that works) Version 2 does not work!