WiFi use Lora?

On the Reach RS2, Does the WiFi use the Lora antenna? Is it safe to use WiFi without the Lora attached? (Some radios may be damaged if they are active without an antenna attached to absorb the load.)

The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna in all Reach devices is a tiny ceramic element soldered to the PCB. The LoRa antenna is a threaded-on, external antenna. So they are completely separate antennas.

Also, the LoRa radio is a low-power device and you don’t have to worry about the radio antenna being detached when the radio is on, but yes this kind of thing is a concern with higher power radios.

That said, if the LoRa radio is on, then the antenna should be attached as a general rule.


Thanks for that information… I conclude by your response that if Long range radio is off, than one needn’t attach the antenna for that session.

Thanks again.

It can also be on with no antenna attached. No harm will come to transceiver.


With RTK radios, I’ve really only really come across this scenario with truly high power (like 35 or 50 watt) radios. Generally even the little 0.5 to 2 watt radios in a portable base don’t care if there’s no antenna attached.

The LoRa radio in a Reach is like 0.1 watt. So minuscule it’s not worth worrying about.

Enjoy it!


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