WiFi or radio link for field work connection

Hello, I’ve been trying to test the kit using wifi for connection in field-the range is quite poor, it’s only approx. 30m or so, probably due to the fact that there was only one portable router without antenna, now I wonder if it is worth to switch to radio link? Have anyone done some range test? But I read from the docs that it was saying, ‘However, having a separate radio link for base corrections only is highly ineffective.’ I really don’t understand that well, does that mean it’s not recommended to use the kit with radio link, or just meaning it’s not effective in the air (on drones)? many thanks,

That quote is about integrating Reach into a drone, nothing more. Notice the word separate, meaning the drone already has a link for telemetry and using a new one, for RTK corrections only is inefficient.

Using radio on its own is more than fine.