Wi-fi setting

Hi. I’m Han-seul.
I have a question about wi-fi setting.
First, please see the picture.

Why those are different?

Second, After setting network name and Protocool, I submited.
A screen came on.

Suddenly, reach disconnects and disappears.

Why disconnect between reach and my computer?

Third, Why use wi-fi?
I want to use RTKLib. And I want to serial communication between my computer and reach.
Is this possible?

Thanks for reading my questions.


  1. your PC’s version is ok. At this time Reach is in a Hotspot-mode at port 9000
    you have to enter your local network: name wpa password

then Reach will leave it’s hotspot mode and switch over to your local network, if your entries were correct.

… if you see the “Disconnect” message, you have to switch your laptop/smatphone/PC or whatever you used before to the network, you entered at the first step. Reach is no more in Hotspot-mode at

.3. To change the settings

Read Quickstart !!!

If you don’t want WiFi, but USB, use: Using Ethernet over USB, in the middle of the page

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