Which kit to select Reach M2 UAV RTK Kit or Reach RS2 Survey Kit?


My team is planning on buying a rtk kit for the mobile robot we are building. Which one of the above kit is more suitable for a mobile robot. M2 version seems more favorable due to the form factor. However, will the accuracy be the same for the reach rs 2 rover and m2 rover if the antenna for multi-band gnss and lora has a good field of view?

Also, we are wondering if this ros package will work readily for both of those products: https://github.com/rpng/reach_ros_node?

Thanks for any response.

What kind of robot ? Terrestrial or aerial ? If it is aerial, you need M2. Great receiver, very small form factor (matchbook size). I’ve had good results using the helical antenna for static surveying. Usually less than 3cm both horizontal and vertical on baselines <30km using CORS. Buy one now ! Emlid has great support and many members here on the forum are very knowledgeable in the products and use if you have any questions or problems.


The robot is a Terrestrial farming robot, we like the m2 form factor however, it is unclear to us if m2 with rtk will give the same performance as reach rs2 with rtk accuracy. If you have any experience with both of the products can you share the experience?

We are not really not super concerned about the form factor but it is desirable to have a smaller one.

Yes, both have the same accuracy

thanks for your quick response

Let me conclude on this topic.

The RS2 and M2 combo would be the better choice in this case since the M2 is developed to be mounted on the robots like this. The RS2 is a better choice as a base since it proved its ruggedness and ability to work constantly under demanding weather conditions.

The accuracy of both combos will be the same.

We have neither developed nor tested the ROS node you’ve shared, however, I don’t seem any issues why it should not work.


Thanks for your reply.

We are planning on buying the Reach M2 UAV RTK Kit.


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