Which best app for windows mobile?

Hello everybody i have rtk kit. Which app for windows mobile fast and free?

Hi @srv.islamabdallah,

To operate Reach receivers, the ReachView app is required. On a Windows phone, you can launch the ReachView app in a web-browser using the IP of your Reach. To do it, just enter the Reach IP address in the address bar.

It is another app for data collector like magnet field with more features?

Hi Islam,

ReachView is an app that used to take full control of Reach receivers. It supports point collection and stakeout, export and import files in several formats, data logging. You can read more about the ReachView’s Survey tool and other features in our docs.

Also, you can integrate your Reach with 3rd-party apps such as Mobile Topographer Pro, PointMan, ESRI ArcGIS Collector, Mapit GIS, LandStar, and Autocad360. To do this, please, follow this guide.

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