Where do I get NTRIP / CORS correction from?

I’m in Southern California. Totally new to Reach. I just got it, works great. Now I want to get correction data from somewhere and I have no idea where to start from.

My application is to get ground control points coordinates for drone done orthomosaics. From what I understood by now I have two choices:

real time or post processed. Either way, I need streams or files of these corrections from a closeby correction station.

Where to start? How do I get these? Thanks in advance

You might be looking for something like this: http://csrc.ucsd.edu

Thanks Arturo… I got an IP and Port from that site. I have to wait for them to give me an username and a password.

I assume I will use it as ntripcli - rtcp3, correct?

My question now is what is the “Mountpoint” ? That’s how I determine which station to use? They have a excel file with all their stations, each has multiple parameters and a four letter code, will that be the Mountpoint? Or?

Keep in mind the baseline. For kinematic, keep the distance shorter then 10km, for static you can go a bit over 10km.
Also be aware of VRS service if that is an option, this need feedback from you rover.
Mountpoint and where you connect to yes. You will fin all the info under Realtime GPS

E.g Mountpoint=XXXX_RTCM3 (e.g., CARH_RTCM3)

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I’m flashing ReachView as I type this. I saw in the screenshots of reachview that once connected to the NTRIP IP, there will be a Mountpoint droplist with available options, correct? I can’t try yet because I have no l/p received yet

Yes, that is also my experience.

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