What mpbs does emlid reach need to operate correctly please?

what mpbs does emlid reach need to operate correctly please?

Huh? Do you mean mbps? megabits per second?

Your nick has air and UAV in the name, so I’ll assume that you are thinking about flying an M+ module and want to know the required bandwidth to send a live correction stream to your flying M+ rover.

Is that correct?

If so, what minimum sample frequency do you require? (1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz)

Will you be operating your own base station? Will it also be a Reach device? If not, who will provide your correction data?

Also, do you require the bandwidth figure to include a return data stream for the corrected position solution and status? Will that format be NMEA or something else (ERB)?

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Hi there.
Wow! I have not got that far yet but I will be looking into that.
I am using a single emlid reach as a rover and I get corrections from youcors.
But the corrections keep dropping out and I cannot get a decent fixed position .
For GCPs (photogrammetry)
Everything works great at home when I am on my WiFi.
I have an iPhone X with a hotspot.
Could you suggest anything I should do please?
Thank you very much👍

If using them for GCP’s, why not post process instead?

If not an option, then what kind of network are your phone connected to when you are trying to get the correction ?
Latency-wise, 3g/4g would be preferred, however, the bandwidth of 3g/4g isn’t strictly needed.

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Hi there.
If I can get my head around post processing I’ll have another bash at it this weekend.
I am using an iPhone X 4g hotspot.
Would I get the orthometric height of the gcp if post process?
Or could you tell me how to do it🧐plz?
Thankyou :+1:

I think RTKpost can be set to output that, yes.

I.e. this webpage: http://www.unavco.org/software/geodetic-utilities/geoid-height-calculator/geoid-height-calculator.html

I’ll have a look tonight when I finish work.
Thankyou very much.
Best regards Jason

Hi Jason,

Reach should work fine with iPhone X hotspot.

Is ReachView uploaded normally when you’re using iPhone hotspot? Is the issue appears only in the field? Have you tested it in other places?

hi there. i will test it in another place this weekend thanks

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