What is your plan now that the edison is ending?

What is going to happen with the Reach?


Here is intels product change notification: PCN115579-00.pdf (105.7 KB)

Looks like final part orders are 16th September 2017.

Interested in this topic as well. (Similar topic finder when posting is a great forum tool!)

Funny, within the PDF: In the title, it says, “Select Edison Compute Module…” in which I take the word select to mean some, but not all Edison Compute Modules.

Then lower down in the description, it says, “…will discontinue… …all skus of the Intel Edison compute modules and developer kits.”

I thought there might have been a loophole there, but it doesn’t seem likely. :frowning:

The discontinuation should go unnoticed for our customers. It is just a computing Linux module, there aren’t any “Edison-specific” features that we use. ReachView only depends on Linux, not on a specific processor or even architecture.

We will keep providing software updates to all our Edison based hardware no matter what Intel does, we did not sell an Edison add-on, but an RTK system. You would be surprised how many things around you are based on processors forgotten by the chip maker, the manufacturer of the end-user devices bears the responsibility for software support and thanks to all the abstraction layers provided by modern operating systems it is totally achievable!

Emlid has managed to provide seamless compatibility between Reach and Reach RS and app updates are released simultaneously for both platforms. We aim to do the same thing with whatever our new processor will be.


Possible candidates are on the market today with most if not all capabilities of edison. So, I think the long term impact will not be that great except some minor size & capability changes. See 570-PICO-IMX6UL-KIT. Look forward to upgrade.

See http://linuxgizmos.com/tiny-com-uses-freescale-imx6-ultralite-soc/ for pin compatible replacement. Not to worry…

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