What gets wiped in a REACH upgrade?

In order to set up a two-leg SSH tunnel to a middleman server, I’m using system to automatically start a service during the REACH boot process.

The service file is located as required in /lib/systemd/system

It uses an SSH key file located in /home/root

My question is: when REACH is upgraded from version to version, do the two directories above get overwritten, or are they kept

(I’m assuming that during a reflash, everything gets destroyed.)

Thanks in advance. So far, the two-leg SSH tunnel with middleman test is going well.


Good to know you are getting good results with the tunnel.

Obviously, during a reflash everything gets destroyed. The ReachView update is much more simple. It only updates ReachView files in /home/reach/ReachView, RTKLIB configs and binaries in /home/reach/RTKLIB. Also, the newest updates add a flag to bluetooth service file.

That should be it, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Perfect! Thanks!