What does Max Acceleration parameter do?


Here it mentions the Max Acceleration setting. But what does it control? I can’t seem to find more about using Google.

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Would also like to know, thank you.


Max acceleration is your estimate on how the rover will move. Say, you plan on just walking with your rover and you set Max acceleration to a relatively low value. This information will allow the positioning engine to filter serious fluctuations in solution as errors, resulting in a better overall experience.

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So if doing static measurements with the rover, should it be set close to 0, or does the Static already take this into account?

Probably goes into effect once moving?

That defeat the purpose of the parameter I would think?

Static already assumes that accelerations, velocities and displacements are zero.


Thanks for the clarification, hoped it was like that.

Sorry for the question, but apparently these post post preoccupying in static.
You could indicate to me please in what software you do it and what result you have obtained.
Greetings, sorry for my English but it’s from Google


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