Using "Survey"; issues

I have gone out multiple times with my Reach. Today was no different except I took only my rover and forwarded CORs corrections over my phones hotspot. All fine and dandy so far.

Walked into the field to GCP1, waited for 1m30s while it averaged my “FIX”. Clicked Accept, it saved, and I started walking to GCP2. Blah blah blah, finished GCP3 & GCP4.

I only needed 4 as this was a very small area. At the bottom, I hit the actual “Back” button. This took me to the main “Project Page”. From there it listed all 4 points I collected and displayed them on the map, cool. From there I clicked the back arrow next to “Survey-Project” and that took me back to the main survey page that listed all previous projects. I then clicked on the “Status” tab to exit and view the “home screen”(or so I call it). I then waited about 3mins while I walked back to my truck, unplugged my lipo and loaded up all my supplies.

Came home, powered on the rover, it signed into home wifi like normal. I opened the browser, clicked on the “Survey” tab, it opens my projects. I clicked on my project from 2hrs ago, NOTHING happens! Never loads, NOTHING. Acts as though it never loads the link.

This is the 2nd time I have encountered this. What am I doing wrong?

I found a 100% sure way to make sure it works and saves everything.

Collect all your points. After the last one hit the back button. Then use the back arrow at the top left to take you back to your list on Survey Projects. Then, start a new project, enter all the initial info, once to the screen to add points, back out to the Survey Projects screen again. Now you can turn everything off or do other activities.

With starting a new project it guarantees the last one has been saved.

Sounds like the Reach unit is leaving the file open when you move back in the menu. You have found a workaround, but perhaps there just needs to be an end or save option that can be selected when finished.

Thanks for the report. You are using Reach, not Reach RS, right? I thought we have fixed this unfortunate behavior a couple of releases ago. Do you have the latest version?

The app is not leaving any files open, of course. And the project is saved every time you collect a new point. Something goes wrong when powering the small reach down. A shutdown button in the interface(which is coming soon) should fix this for good.

@DaneGer21, the workaround does not seem 100% stable to me. Just a warning.

Also, it would be great, if you could connect to your Reach and download the project files. You have a chance to restore your surveyed data and I will get some symptoms to work with. I described the process here.

Correct, I am using the Reach module, NOT Reach RS.

Yes, both the module and Reachview have the latest firmware/software.

So far my work around has solved it, hopefully its a temporary fix for others.

I’ll take a look at the link you posted,

Same here.
It happened to me twice with a Reach module with latest firmware.

The file containing the points is empty when I ssh into the reach module after rebooting.

I think the project was left open in the Survey tab of ReachView but I am not sure about it.
I’ll try to find when that bug happen so you can release a fix if you haven’t found the issue then.

Very disappointing… I lost more than 300 points…

Me too! I was almost at 400points, lots of hours wasted. I forfeited that job. I wasn’t about to go walk another 5+hrs in wet ground with burrs everywhere.

@DaneGer21 Damn, that was a lot of work. Sorry that we let you down :disappointed:

This was on Reach, not Reach RS, right?

We are adding a way to safely shutdown Reach so that it does not happen again. Reach RS has a battery and thus a safe shutdown procedure so all data is preserved.

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Yes Reach, not RS

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