Using RINEX from CORS provider

Hello! I have a question; maybe someone can help me. I have a CORS (NTRIP) correction provider. I use it with my RS2 and get a fix and great precision. Sometimes due to no cellular coverage, I tried to collect in float and I try to use the RINEX the provider has to download to do PPK with EMLID STUDIO. No fix was obtained, just float. Playing around and noticed Leica Infinity post-processing obtained a fix but using GPS, Galileo, and BEIDU. So, I tried PPK in EMLIS STUDIO with settings using without processing GLONASS and it worked. Why does RTK use GLONASS AND PPK not (I made a test just using GPS AND GLONASS with RTK and PPK)? Another consideration is this only occurs with the RINEX from my CORS provider if I do the same with my RS2 BASE this doesn’t happen.

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Hi Guillermo,

We use different algorithms for RTK and PPK, that’s why such a thing can indeed happen. It usually depends on settings tuning, so it’d be great if you share the exact files with us – this way, we can just say more about the reasons.

Do you know if the CORS tracks L2C frequencies? We can check it if you share the files.

Hi Tatiana!
Here is the link. I included two different RINEX from the CORS provider, one sampled at 1 per second and other at 1 every 30s. These are from the same base used during the RTK. Thanks, in advance.

Your RS2 observation seems to have quite a bit of multipath and cycleslips.

Using EzSurv to process, I can’t get a fix at all.

Well , so how my RS2 gets fix from this same antenna when using it via NTRIP?

Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for sharing the data!

Please give me a bit of time to check the files as well. After that, I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on it.

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Thank you! Will wait for…