Using RINEX files from RS2 for PPP in OPUS

Hello all, I’m also looking for the antenna type for the RS2. I submitted an observation file to OPUS ( with the antenna type as NONE. Moments later I received an email “WARNING! No antenna type was selected.” Does anyone know what I should list as the antenna type?


Hi @aerialthermalimaging,

We’re in process of getting antenna calibration details, which will allow you to choose the antenna type in the future. At the moment, please select the None option and specify the antenna height as a tripod height plus 134 mm.

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Thank you Tatiana! I must be doing something else wrong. Along with the antenna warning, there were other warnings:
FILE: raw_202002231559.obs OP1584409289737

1009 WARNING! No antenna type was selected. No antenna offsets or
1009 pattern will be applied. Coordinates with reduced accuracy
1009 will be returned for the antenna phase center.
1020 OPUS aborted on the submitted data file for one or more of the following
1020 reasons. OPUS cannot process the data file.
1020 1. Collection interval of the data file was not one of the allowed rates.
1020 The intervals that are accepted are 1,2,3,5,10,15,30 seconds.
1020 2. The time of each epoch is offset from one of the above intervals. The
1020 seconds epoch field must coincide with one of the above rates.
1020 3. The data file may have been collected in kinematic mode. OPUS does not
1020 process kinematic data files.
1020 4. Note: OPUS processes data every 30 seconds, and 2+ hour files
1020 collected at the 1 second rate should be changed to 30 seconds.
1020 5. If your data were collected today or yesterday, we may not have
1020 sufficient CORS data - try resubmitting your file tomorrow.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks again!

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Here is a link to the file that I’m trying to process:

Hi @aerialthermalimaging,

Thanks for the data! We’ll check them to find out what might be an issue.

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Thank you. Please let me know if you need more files. I have 22 from this project.

Hi @aerialthermalimaging,

The RINEX version of the file you shared is 3.03. At the moment, OPUS processes only RINEX2 files recorded on Reach. May I ask you to convert it to RINEX2.10 and try to process it once again?

Sure, what is the easiest way to convert please?

You can use our version of RTKLIB for it.

Hello again Tatiana, thank you for your suggestion.

I converted all of my files and had success on half, but now I have a new error;
6029 After the single baseline analysis, fewer than 3 useable
6029 reference stations remain. Aborting.

This is the file that I am submitting:F20_raw_202003021600.obs (8.5 MB)

Can you please tell me what I can do?

Thank you!!!

Hi Eric,

Don’t see any issues from the first sight: the data are GPS-only and recorded with 1 Hz frequency.

However, I’ve noticed that your log duration is ~ 1.5 hours. Could you clarify whether you tried the Static or Rapid-Static processing method?

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