Using Reach M+ UAV Mapping Kit to also lay GCPs

I want to know if it is possible to use the kit to also lay down GCPs. Or is it necessary to use two RS+ antennas separately. I want to save money. I saw this video where someone claims this is ok

It is also mentioned here:
“Once you set the mark for your future GCP, you need to find out the exact coordinate of its center. Reach receivers used in RTK mode are perfect for accurately recording the GCPs’ coordinates. If you need absolute accuracy, you can also use the PPP services for each of your GCPs. Further in this article, we’ll reveal some tips and secrets on how to increase the accuracy of your GCPs.”

It is absolutely doable, and indeed cheaper, but you have to able to live with a more modular solution, where you have to do a little bit of DIY to have solution that also looks convincing towards an end-customer.

Also factor in that you will need a good antenna, that is easily mountable and centered on a pole.

Looking forward to seeing your project!

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Thanks wiz. Do you have any link to a similar project where they have 3D printed these mounts for M+? Also, please suggest an antenna

Hi @Billip,

I agree with Christian. You can use Reach M+ and Reach RS+ to collect GCPs. However, it may be tricky to place the Reach M+ on the tripod with an external antenna, external battery, and external LoRa module. Usually, we recommend using Reach RS+ for this task instead.

You can use the Tallysman GNSS antenna from our store or any other antenna that meets the specs.


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