Using only OS Net RINEX data for PPK

With a Mavic 3E and an RTK module, is it possible to use Emlid Studio and only the RINEX data from OS net (we are in the UK), without a base station? I’ve given it a try with Emlid Studio1.5 using the Drone Data Processing workflow, and 20% of images have a fix - the rest are float. Is it possible to get better, or do we need to use a base station?

As I’m aware the free OS RINEX data isn’t provided in sufficient resolution for processing from flight data (only every 30 seconds OS-Net | Ordnance Survey) however you could obtain more granular RINEX data but would need to pay for, if you’re not looking to go down the route of using a GNSS base station.

Hi @SDal,

It should be possible to use Emlid Studio with such a dataset. Issues with getting a FIX solution may be related to a long baseline or missing Galileo and Beidou constellations on the base. You can also change the post-processing settings and slightly improve the result.

Would you mind sharing with me your dataset with me so I can post-process it myself? I’ll see if I can enhance the outcome. You can send it to to avoid revealing sensitive data.