Using local coordinates

How does one configure the ReachView App to output local coordinates using local planar reference system?

  • Lambert Conformal Conic Projection
  • Datum: WGS84
  • False Easting: 750000m
  • False Northing 650000m
  • Latitude of 1st Parallel: 18 N
  • Latitude of 2nd Parallel: 18 N
  • Longitude of Central Meridian: 77 W
  • Latitude of origin of projection: 18 N
  • Spheroid Name: WGS84

Here’s a Coordinate Converter for JAD2001 :

Hi Damian,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over the email.

At the moment, ReachView handles the WGS84 coordinate system only.

However, you can use 3rd-party survey software to display coordinates in the required coordinate systems in real-time. Please, check this guide to configure a mock location feature on your Android device and use Reach with 3rd-party apps.

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