Using height transformation from NTRIP messages (1021/1023)

When using the German NTRIP service (SAPOS), transformation information is sent along with the data to convert the ellipsoidal height into the orthometric height.
This information is integrated in messages 1021 and 1023 of the RTCM.
How is it possible to activate this transformation in an Emlid RS2 Rover and thus have the orthometric height displayed directly? Can the corresponding messages be evaluated?
Alternatively: there is a way-around to use the heights directly in a software under Android.

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I know that Attenberger has an Android app that can read the 1021 and 1023 RTCM messages. It overwrites the GPS of the Android device and then you can use the correct height in any app you want.

You can check here:

Hi dwoe,
i have the same problem. Sapos delivers height correction via transformation messages but the Emlid Reach RS2 cannot interpret it till now ;-( . Hopefully this changes with the next update, in the near Future :wink: .

Till then you can use this online tool to calculate the correct height.
I’ve verified it with some reference height and it worked out out perfect.

Greetings Marc

Hi @dwoe,

Sorry for the delay!

Currently, the ReachView app doesn’t support converting an ellipsoidal height to an orthometric. We hope to add this feature in one of the future updates, however, I can’t provide you with any estimates at the moment.

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