Using caster corrections after disconnecting internet

Good day all.
I will be jumping into the world of caster corrections with the assistance of a colleague today.
I will be using a pair of RS2 receivers connected by the built in LoRa and I use Field Genius Android to collect data.
The caster base will be some 45 km away
I have 2 questions.
1/ will a fix of 1 minute be adequate to determine the position to 5 cm or better precision under ideal environmental conditions?
2/ I would like to disconnect from the internet (after a minute or so) and allow the base receiver to continue using the position previously acquired from the caster. What setting do I select to achieve this?
Thanks for any help

Hi Adrian,

If I understand correctly, the pair of RS2 is used on the field and are communicating by LoRa, while a third-party base is emitting corrections on NTRIP 45km away. Right ?

In that situation, it is indeed a good idea to first set up a reference point on the field from the NTRIP service, so after that your survey is done with a shorter baseline, hence a better relative accuracy.

About your questions:
1/ If you succeed in getting a FIX with this fairly long baseline, then yes, 1 minute in average FIX should be good enough to get 5 cm accuracy. I recommend to do that with a continuous PDOP < 1.5 if possible.
2/ You should use the built-in function Average FIX in the Settings > Base mode > Configure page of ReachView. You set an average time of 1 minute. At the end of the averaging minute, I recommend you take a screenshot of the base coordinates that just have been determined because this is crucial information.

And at this moment you can disconnect the base from the Internet and rely on the LoRa communication.


Good dayFlorian
Thank you for answering my question so promptly. I did what you said and it worked perfectly.

It would be great if emlid integrated a copy & paste feature in this setting thus minimising the introduction of errors.
Thanks again.


That would be handy for sure. Record the point, and then assign that recorded point as the Known point coordinates in manual. No typing precise coordinates on a touch screen in the field is always desirable.


Thanks Dave,
Your statement more closely expresses what i had in mind.
I do not need or want the base to be collecting data via the Internet when it is remaining stationary.
Once the precise position is acquired i just need the point to be reliably stored.

Hey everyone,

Florian has described the workflow fully, I have nothing to add. Just wanted to quickly jump in and add that we’ve noted the request for an easier base coordinate transfer. We’re considering how we can simplify the process :ok_hand:


That would be a great feature

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Exciting update! In ReachView 3 7.3, we’ve added a new easier way to upload the base coordinate in Manual mode. Now you can use a special Point Picker tool to use the coordinates stored in a project.

The whole process now is pretty similar to what Dave described in one of the previous messages: collect a point in a project, you can use the description field to mark as a base, and then upload it in the Base mode tab. No need to retype the coordinates manually :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your thoughts with us here or under the announcement post!


Thank you Emlid for responding to the needs of your users.
Best interface ever


I have been using this feature almost every time I go in the field now. It has been a really useful feature addition


Adrian, thank you very much for your feedback! Makes us want to improve further for you :heart_eyes:


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