Unplug the usb cable in M2

Is it okay to unplug the usb cable in M2 while it is power on? because in reachview2 it take time to load and click the off button.

Using my M2’s, I download my data and just unplug the power cord. I haven’t had any problems doing this with using Reachview 2. I just use mine for static purposes. I haven’t tried using Reachview 3 with them yet. I’ve got the LoRa radios for them but I haven’t had the time to experiment with them yet. I’m having some issues with my back, and it’s hard on a 63 year old Surveyor !

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Hi there,

We usually recommend turning Reach M2 off via the app. If you unplug a power source, it may lead to logs or project corruption.

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